Poetry workshops in primary schools

Poetry empowers!

Our earliest experience of poetry is through rhyme and jingles. We need little encouragement to sing along with nursery rhymes and adverts.

Children especially, relish the rhyme and rhythmic repetition they hear about them every day. This is the starting point for my workshop where children will go on to read and write in a wide variety of poetic styles, from haiku to ballads.

Writing poetry aids children’s literacy learning and can give them confidence across the curriculum. A child who is daunted by extended writing can gain great satisfaction in writing a short poem such as a haiku. Poetry can foster a love of word play and an enjoyment of language.

I am a published poet and children’s author, as well as a qualified primary school teacher, for whom poetry is a passion.

Book one of my primary school poetry workshops for your children so that I can show you how poetry empowers!


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