My writing successes

Most recent successes:


January 2018 Shortlisted Children’s poetry comp Writing Magazine

October 2017 Commended Buzz Words poem ‘Cairo’

Sept 2017 Shortlisted Hillingdon Literary comp poem ‘Froth’
June 2017 Shortlisted Writing Magazine poetry comp
May 2017 Highly commended poem , Nudging Clouds,Candlestick Press
April 2017 shortlisted, Here comes Everybody poetry competition.
February 2017 Shortlisted Writing Magazine Love poetry competition.

September 2016 shortlisted Hillingdon literary festival poetry comp.

September 2016 shortlisted for the Wells Festival poetry comp

September 2016 Highly Commended Yeovil Poetry comp.

July 2016 shortlisted Writing Magazine Holiday theme poetry comp.

June 2016 Shortlisted Swanwick Poetry

February 2016 shortlisted Writing Magazine children’s poetry.
October 2015 shortlisted Bridport poetry comp.
June 2015 First prize in Mary Charman-Smith poetry competition.
June 2015 Runner up in Writers’Forum with ‘Care homes for poets.’
April 2015 final 20 shortlist Wenlock Poetry comp.
March 2015 longlisted with ‘The violin’ York Mix poetry comp.
February 2015 final shortlist Plough Poetry comp. Poem Raleigh’s wife.
Long listed October 2014 with poem ‘Eating chips on Brighton beach.’
‘Who needs diamonds anyway?’ ‘Nature walk’ and ‘The ant’ won the Swanwick Writer’s poetry competition. ( 2008, 2011, 2014)
‘Feeding a Pharaoh’ won the Winchester Writers’ poetry competition
‘Man in the Moon’ won Writing Magazine poetry competition (2008)
‘The Race’ won The Artillery of Words poetry competition (2009)
‘Summer in the park’ placed second in The Artillery of Words competition (2010)
‘The Tramp’ won second prize in the John Clare Poetry competition.
( 2010)
‘The Quail’s egg’ was shortlisted in the Basil Bunting poetry competition 2012 and runner up in the Mslexia poetry competition ( 2013)
‘Raleigh’s wife’ was shortlisted Mslexia competition 2012 and Plough 2015
‘Sandstorm’ was shortlisted in the Frederick Van Eeden poetry competition.( 2010)
‘The Snowball’ was shortlisted in The Chapel Gallery poetry competition 2011.
‘Lessons on Lorca’ shortlisted in the Plough Poetry Competition 2008
‘My father-in-law’ shortlisted in The Plough Poetry competition 2009
‘The story of the ticket’ highly commended in Sussex Slipstream poets 2010.
‘Turning the map over,’ ‘Hard to Swallow,’ ‘Remembering,’ ‘Untying the apron strings,’ ‘Soundtrack,’ ‘Landscapes’ were runners up in Writer’s Forum.
‘Ship of Dreams’ ‘Watching the Whirling Dervishes’ and Alien Love were shortlisted in Writing Magazine.
‘The Seashell,’ was shortlisted in the Grace Dieu poetry competition 2014
‘Eight’ and ‘The Nearly Bird’ were shortlisted in the Mary Charman poetry competition 2014
‘Heirloom’ was shortlisted in Rhyme and Reason poetry competition
‘Battle of the birds’ and ‘Verdun’ highly commended Swansea Writers 2014

Acknowledgements are due to the following publications:

Riptide 2013 ( Dirt Pie Press) First Time 2012 (First Time Publications) When the Tramp met the King 2013 ( published by Ek Zuban)
Slant of Light 2013 ( published Paragram) Extinction and Fragile Earth ( Baskalier publishing) Mulled Words:A winter anthology 2010 ( artillery of words)
Writers’ Forum and Writing Magazine.


First in poetry ( free week there) 2008

First in children’s story ( free week there) 2009

First in Poetry 2011 ( free week there)

First in poetry 2014 ( no free week that year as rules changed free sub WM and course)




Article on collecting powder compacts in the Best of British magazine July 2013
Writing Magazine March 2013 My winning piece about a perfume bottle.
Longlisted in adult fairy story competition June 2012 The Writers Place
Finalist in BritWriters’ Awards September 2011 – category children’s books.
Second prize in the Writing for Children age 8-11 Winchester Writers’ Conference July 2011
Highly commended in the Earlyworks Press Fiction for Children or Teens Competition 2011.
Children/ Teen books highly commended- Winchester Writers’ Conference 2008-2011
First prize Swanwick Writing for Children 2009
Shortlisted in the Cornerstones Literacy agency ”Are You Ready To Submit?’ competition March 2009.


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