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My books for children and YA are published under the name Shirley Harber and available on Amazon.
Here is my web site about my books.


My new book out now.

Ancient Egyptian Rhyme Time for ages 6 plus.






My new book is The Diary of Teti-Tuti aged Twelve and a Half Summers.

‘Who’d want to read my diary?’ asks young apprentice scribe Teti-Tuti.
His teacher says, ‘In the future, people will want to read about how we used to live.’
Still unconvinced, Teti-Tuti unrolls a piece of papyrus and begins. He writes about everyday life in the time of Rameses the Second, as well as the girls he fancies, his uncle being eaten by a crocodile and his best friend Seti, who is being bullied.
This look at life in Ancient Egypt is told with a modern voice, plenty of humour and fun, plus some great digs at the adult society of Teti-Tuti’s day.


The Snake Princess

Ancient Egypt. Thirteen-year-old Shahira lives with her adoptive mother, Halima and Meret, Halima’s jealous daughter.
Shahira is wrongly accused of stealing and suspects that Meret has set her up. Shahira is sent to work in Commander Nebamon’s house.
One day in the herb garden a cobra is about to strike, but Shahira sings to the snake and sends it away.
She remembers a similar occurrence when she was a child and is mystified by the power she seems to have over snakes. There is also the strange serpentine birthmark on the sole of her foot.
What does it all mean? Who are her real parents?
Halima’s death-bed revelations shock and confuse her and she is given a quest to fulfil.
When Ahmose, the handsome apprentice boy she has befriended, asks her to help him she is further caught up in world of danger and intrigue.
( This book is for ages 12 plus)

‘This is a thrilling story that really brings alive Ancient Egyptian life in the time of Pharaoh Amenhotep the Third.’ Jacques Kinnear, Egyptologist and author.

‘I found myself captivated by the wonderful description.’ Stephanie Baudet, children’s author.

‘This is a really intriguing story, full of excitement and twists and turns.’ Stephanie Stansbie, adjudicating the Little Tiger Press Writing for Children competition at the Winchester Writers’ Festival.

The Snake PrincessSnakePrincess_2_ebook


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