Ancient Egyptian Rhyme Time

For ages 6 plus. Available on Amazon  – Kindle and paperback.



Here’s a poem from the book.



The story of Osiris and Seth.



So long ago, in Egypt,

god Osiris sat on the throne

but brother Seth was jealous,

and wanted it for his own.


He made a golden chest,

just his brother’s size

and said, ‘Whomsoever this fits

will have it as a prize.’


Lots of people came to try.

Some were far too tall.

Others had hair that was too thick.

They couldn’t get in at all.


Of course, when Osiris tried it

the box was a perfect fit.

Then Seth slammed down the lid.

He didn’t care one bit.


He threw the chest into the Nile,

watched poor Osiris drown.

He was so triumphant

for now he had the crown.


God Isis, wife of Osiris,

searched high and low for the chest.

Finding it far away in Byblos

she sat down for a rest.


What a fatal mistake she made,

as Seth came by that day,

recognized the chest he’d made,

stole Osiris’s body away.




He chopped it into pieces

then scattered them over the earth,

but Isis gathered them up

for Anubis to give them rebirth.


Now in the underworld

Osiris couldn’t be with his wife.

Ra put him in charge of the dead,

to rule the afterlife.


Each year on the Nile bank

sad Isis sits and cries.

Many believe it is her tears

that make the water rise.



Copyright Shirley Anne Cook