This crater lies behind the village of la Boiselle, to the right of the main road from Albert to Bapaume. The Lochnagar mine was the largest of the seventeen mines that exploded on July 1st 1916. It has a diameter of about 300 feet and a depth of 90 feet.

After the war it was used as a rubbish tip, but Richard Dunning bought the site to make sure that a mine crater would survive as a testament to all those men who lost their lives in that place.

The crater is one of the most visited sites on the Somme, attracting around 200,000 visitors a year.






It’s possible to purchase a small metal plaque memorial to commemorate the loss of a loved one in the war. These are inserted in the wooden plank path which you can see beneath my feet.




On October 1998, whilst visiting the crater, a Mr Drage saw what he thought were the remains of a soldier sticking out of the chalk.  They were exhumed, along with the soldier’s personal items.  These included a folding cut-throat razor which was inscribed with the name George Nugent.  Private George Nugent was reburied with military honours at Ovillers Millitary cemetery on July 1st 2000 and there is a cross on the spot where he was found at the crater.