It seems ages since I wrote a blog post.

Writing wise I have been updating my book, ‘The Diary of Teti Tuti aged 12 and half summers ,’  making it into a paperback version and adding illustrations.

This is now ready and will be published soon.

I have also been writing a few new poems and was pleased to see I was shortlisted in this month’s writing magazine in the children’s poetry competition. There is also a mention of my poetry book, ‘Turning the map over’ recently released.  This is my first collection of poems and it can be bought on Amazon.

I am pleased to say that I will be off to the Swanwick writing school again in August, having booked my place. I am looking forward to meeting up with my writing chums.

I have been busy sorting out my family trees. I started family treeing over thirty years ago and about twenty years ago I put all my records on a Family Tree Maker programme on my computer. I was pleased to see that this can sync with which means I will never lose my info. I have 1,700 people on my trees. I have traced most family lines.

When I first started my family tree research I was forever travelling to London ( St Caths, the census office, Society of Genealogists)  and all over the country looking at parish registers and visiting various records offices, how amazing that so many records are now available on and all you need do is click your mouse!    Not only that but I have found some new cousins.  Now what I want to do is make all my family trees into books.