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I had some wonderful news today. My poem ‘Sandstorm’ came first in the Mary Charman-Smith poetry competition.

It will be on the above web site soon.

I also have a poem runner up ‘Care homes for poets’ in the new issue of Writers’ Forum out today.

Here is that poem. There is a reference in this poem to one of my favourite poets. Can you see where it is and guess who I am referring to?
Answers in the comments please.

Care homes for poets

They are opening care homes just for poets.
Mornings will be spent reading
and analysing favourite poems.
Life stories will be told in ballad form
and newly penned poems critiqued.
There are bound to be disagreements
over style and form with much
stamping of swollen feet.
Chair exercises will be conducted
in time with rhyme, and poetry recitals
given to family and friends.

In the afternoons the poets
will be taken into the garden
to study beads of rain on leaves,
or a hackneyed shard of sunlight
filtering through the trees.
Someone may unearth a dead fox
cradle it in their arms and cry, ‘This is my baby!’
A nurse will wrench it away saying,
‘There’s no more to be said.’

In the evening the poets will doze
and suck on lost-lipped mouths,
although the occasional
epitaph may be composed.
At precisely 8pm the poets
will be lowered into half-baths.
Then they will be dried
and shrouded in their sheets.
Struggling to sleep they will
think of a hundred ways
to write about their dying.