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I have been suffering with a bad back for nearly a year now and it has been getting gradually worse. I finally had an MRI and the results show I have degeneration of the discs disease. This is not going to get better and so I need to know what I can do to help alleviate the pain, apart from taking pain killers.
And suggestions please let me know.

On the poetry success front I have a shortlisted poem about my bike on the Kirklees web site and also heard that I was shortlisted in the Salopian poetry competition and the Skipton library comp.


I am busy doing some courses with Future Learn ( OU) two on the First World War, one on Shakespeare and I just finished one about Hadrian’s Wall.
These are all excellent courses and I recommend doing a course with Future Learn. They are free and there are some more interesting ones starting after Christmas.
The course on Hadrian’s Wall inspired me to write a poem about the letters found at Vindolanda. They were written on slivers of wood and found deep down in the anaerobic ground. They fascinate me.
I can’t wait to visit Hadrian’s Wall now.