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I have come back from Swanwick writers’ Summer school with so many ideas buzzing in my head.
I am now going to write a crime novel, a play, a comedy sketch and a short story for People’s Friend! ( I attended work shops and talks on all these)
I hope I will at least attempt one of the above.
The comedy sketches are appealing and something I have always wanted to try. I went to the astrocharacterisation course with the lovely Judy Hall and it seems my star sign Capricorn loves black comedy.
I was intrigued to know what other attributes I have as a Capricorn. In order to get a proper chart done however I need to know my time of birth. Unfortunately my mother can’t remember, although she does recall a clap of thunder at the time!
Anyway, Judy said she could find out the time I was born. I watched in amazement as she held her silver pendant over my left palm. ‘Was she born at 12 am?’ she asked. The necklace did not move. She went through all the times until. ‘ Was she born at 12.40pm?’ At this the necklace went mad and whirled around. So now I know when I was born and can have a chart made to find out what suns I have ascending.
I really enjoyed Judy’s course on using star signs to help flesh out characters in a story. It seems ‘The Luminaries,’ the book that won the Man Booker prize 2013 used astrocharacterisation. I will have to give this a go but for now I am working on my poetry collection.
I met the lovely poet Pauline Barbieri at Swanwick and she said I should self publish a collection now. So this is my next goal, then I will get working on the crime novel, comedy sketches, play and short story!
Yes, Swanwick Summer School really gets those creative juices going and you meet so many interesting people. I wonder if I can win my way there again!