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Sometimes in life we have to make choices that can profoundly affect our future. And sadly we don’t always make the right choices, as my poem below illustrates!

Garden of Eden

The garden was so beautiful,
there were several paths to take;
trust me to choose the only one
shared with a slimy snake.

‘Go on,’ it hissed evilly,
as I stopped to admire a tree.
‘Try some of the luscious crop –
it works wonders for me.’

So I ate one of the fine fruit,
taste exploded on my tongue.
And I took some back to Adam,
unaware that it was wrong.

But as he bit into the fruit
I gasped at him in surprise,
as I realised he was naked
and quickly closed my eyes.

‘What have you done?’Adam said.
‘It’s fruit from the forbidden tree.
Quick, hide before God finds us.
How angry he will be!’

But you can’t hide from God,
you see, he’s omnipresent.
He threw us out of his garden.
Life with knowledge isn’t pleasant!

I wish I hadn’t picked that fruit
then I wouldn’t have this hassle.
Should I wear the plain fig leaves,
or the ones with the tassels?