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Can dreams predict the future?

Throughout history there have been stories about people who have told of prophetic dreams.
One of the oldest is the much read story of Joseph in the Old Testament.
President Lincoln supposedly dreamt about his own death a few weeks before it happened. He saw his own corpse laid out in a room in the white house. Martin Luther also had a precognitive dream about his death a few months before his assassination.
Figures suggest that about a third of the population have experienced this phenomenon at some point in their lives.
At various times in my life I took have had dreams that saw events in the future.
These dreams in colour, stand out vividly in my mind.
One I remember most clearly was thirty years ago.
My friend (and neighbour) was pregnant. One evening her labour started and she and her husband set off for the hospital in their car.
That night I dreamt that I saw my friend give birth. It was as though I was looking down on events, from the ceiling. I saw her husband, by her side and I saw the nurses turn my friend on to her side for the delivery. Then when the baby was born the nurse said, ‘you have a beautiful baby girl and she weighs seven pounds and six ounces.’
The next day my friend’s husband gave us the good news. Yes you’ve guessed it. It was a girl and she weighed seven pounds and six ounces!
Later when my friend came home from hospital I told her about my dream but that it was odd as she had delivered the baby on her side.
She was amazed as she said that is exactly how it did happen. Apparently the hospital favoured this way of giving birth, but I had no knowledge of this.
Some years after that I had a vivid dream about visiting my father in hospital. He looked so thin. Shortly after this my father was diagnosed with cancer .
There have been other prophetic dreams through the years some very strange.
A year ago I dreamt that my daughter had a huge brown cricket climbing up the wall in her flat. In my dream I saw her pick it up and put it out in her garden.
That morning my daughter rang me, as she usually does on her way to work.
I told her about the dream. She was incredulous. ‘No way! I found a cricket climbing up my wall when I got up and I put it outside.
We were both amazed.
Skeptics may say that dreams are just processing information that has gone on in previous days.
Whilst there may be some truth in that, you only have to read any web site about dreams and see that there are many examples where this is not the case.

I had many dreams about my father after he died and they prompted me to write this poem.

If dreaming is all there is

I dreamed of Dad last night
and when I woke I looked for him,
so real was my dream
it seemed he must be here.
Several minutes passed
before I knew that dreaming
was all it was.

I dreamed of Dad last night
dressed in the red cardigan I loved,
reeking of his favourite soap.
I’m sure I could smell him here.
Several minutes passed
before I knew that dreaming
was all it was.

I dreamed of Dad last night.
He kissed me in his wet-lipped way
and when I woke it felt as though
his kiss was on me still.
Several minutes passed
before I knew that dreaming
was all it was.

I hope to dream of Dad tonight
that he may speak my name
or laugh in his deep rumbling way.
And when I wake and it seems he’s still here
I’ll ask him why he cannot stay,
and if dreaming is all there is.