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Have you written your letter yet? I have done mine in poetry format.
It’s a letter to my great uncle Alfred Lee who was killed in action in 1917. I recently found a photo of his grave online. He was buried in the Minty Farm Cemetery, West Flanders.
He was killed during the third battle of Ypres. This battle started on 31 July 1917.
Here is the link if you want to write your own letter.


Alfred Lee KIA October 29th 1917

Once I searched for your final
resting place, without success.
Thought perhaps you were one
of those soldiers who died unknown
or with shattered bones lost.
But you were never forgotten.
Each year on Armistice Day
you had a special mention
in my prayers for the fallen.

Years passed and prompted
by centennial commemorations
I looked for you again,
a task now internet easy.
I found a photo of your grave
in a Flander’s Cemetery.
A white headstone, one of hundreds
in a sea of lush green grass
speckled with bright flower bloom.
It comforts me to find you at last,
Private Alfred Lee, and to know
you do not sleep alone.

alfred lee