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My latest book is now available in ebook format from Amazon. It’s a humorous look at life in Ancient Egypt during the reign of Rameses the Second. Teti-Tuti is an apprentice scribe and keeps a diary. There is lots of useful info on life back then but he also adds entries about his personal life and writes about the girls he fancies and how his uncle was eaten by a crocodile.
Here is an excerpt.

Day Twenty-Eight of Thoth

Scabby scarabs! You’ll never guess what. I got fifty lashes at school today.
I didn’t tell Mum – she would have been so angry with me.
We had maths problems to solve that were written ages ago by a scribe called Ahmose, and I messed up big time.
Smenkare was so cross with me that his face turned redder than the red crown of Lower Egypt. He kept going on about how Ahmose was always so neat and tidy, and said I should be ashamed of my work.
He made me recite over and over, ‘Spend no day in idleness or you will be beaten. The ear of a boy is on his back and he hears when he is beaten.’
I found it hard to keep a straight face, as I kept imagining a giant ear on my back.