I had a most enjoyable day yesterday at a Poetry School workshop in Lambeth Walk London. I had never been on one before and it was well worth the money. The renowned poet Penelope Shuttle was running the course, which was on the theme Body Parts!
We read a poem, one of which was Purity by Billy Collins (if you haven’t read this then do it’s great fun), then had ten minutes to write our own.
Then we went around the group reading them out, always a rather daunting task.
Anyway it was great fun and interesting to hear all the various ways in which we respond poetically to a theme.
Here is one I wrote at the end of the session, a bit of lighthearted fun.

Catwalk model

I am a cat walk model
as lean and lithe as a tiger.
I do not wobble.

My skin is like porcelain
without a wrinkle or blemish.
My teeth have been remodelled
and whitened by my dentist

I have no need of liposuction
tummy tucks or botox.
I am a catwalk model.
Meow! My life rocks.